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Fortnite Battle Royale

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How to download FortniteSince its launch a few years ago, this incredible videogame has become a global phenomenon. The Epic Games company launched early and free access to this videogame at the end of September 2017, and since then the passion has been booming.

The genre ‘Battle Royale’ is fashionable in the world of video games. There were many pioneers in this style, such as Arma II, DayZ or H1Z1, although the one that really broke the market was PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, which went on sale officially on December 21, 2017 on PC and Xbox ONE, but you could play with PC only early access from several months before for a price of € 29.99.

The truth is that the PUBG burst the market, becoming the most played game of the Steam platform even above the Counter-Strike, with peaks of more than one million people playing simultaneously … until a new opponent arrived: Fortnite Battle Royale. The video game of Epic Games also came with early access, like the PUBG, although it was completely free.

Knowing a little about Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is a videogame in which the player fights to be the only survivor on an island where a total of 100 falls. You can also play Fortnite Online Multiplayer in teams of two, three or four players.

When the character get in, he does not have any equipment, although exploring the map you can find objects such as weapons, traps, shields or first aid kits, among others, to help the player win the game in an all against all.

For what platforms is Fortnite available?

Currently, Fortnite can be played from the date of its release on PC, Mac, Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately it is not available for the Nintendo Switch, although there are rumors that point to the Japanese console could incorporate into its catalog the Battle Royale of Epic Games in the not too distant future.

In addition, the US Company launched the Fortnite for mobile phones with Android or iOS in Japan in March 2018; although the company announced that “in the coming months” it will be released around the world.

Also, the system ‘cross-platform’ let people play simultaneously from your Android or iOS device to any other opponent who plays on those two platforms or PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. That is, a user could kill from your phone to another that is in the living room of your home on a video game console.

There is a difference between Fortnite and PUBG

The PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite are practically the same in terms of game concept, although there are quite a few differences when it comes to experimenting with the mechanics of the game. Aside, the game of Epic Games is completely free, while the PUBG has a cost of € 29.90, although sometimes it has come to be at a cheaper price.

As far as the game is concerned, the Fortnite is much more dynamic than the Tencent Games video game. The Unreal Engine graphics engine developed by the company gives it a lot of color and fresh and attractive animations for the user experience.

Despite its dynamism and informal style, Fortnite is a very technical video game and requires several hours at the controls to control it easily. The construction of buildings is not simple and is an incentive that does not have its rival, the PUBG, for what makes it more complex.

For Fortnite fans

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Tricks to Play Fortnite Battle Royale

 Here we will give you a practical guide on how to play Fortnite Battle Royale so you can grow up quickly:

Choose well the place from which you start: We started with this because, although at first you probably will not see its importance. But after a couple of games, you will understand that choosing the place where you want to start the game is essential.

Open all the chests or use them to set traps: Try to always give the chests and safes that will be distributed on the map. They have valuable objects inside, which can be from simply resources to build, like weapons. Of course, keep in mind that chests and safes with points in which traps tend to tend.

Try to make yourself strong in the safe zone: Due to the operation of the game, the survivors of each encounter will always end up in the central zone while fleeing from the toxic zone. So getting to this area, bounded by a circle on the map, is a good way to prepare to be the last survivor.

Accumulate resources: Unlike other Battle Royale, one of the keys of Fortnite is that building is very important. From a ramp that allows you to climb to an elevated position to a wall behind which to cover yourself, or use as a screen to flee if you are at a disadvantage, take a potion.

Of course, later you can think of Fortnite Battle Royale tactics a little more elaborate, such as attracting an enemy inside your base and escaping through some hole that you have left completely on purpose, to fill your back with lead. This is more complicated than it does.

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