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Fornite Battle Royale: advanced construction techniques

Fortnite Battle Royale is the successful game of Epic Games for PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile phones. If you have played it, you will know that building is one of the main actions that must be carried out during the game. Therefore, and in order to be more successful in killing your enemies, we are going to tell you some advanced construction techniques for Fortnite.

At Fortnite, it is crucial to build both to attack and to defend. If you already know how to do it fluently, but you want to learn new ways to do it to be more efficient during the game, then, we will explain some advanced construction techniques.

Fornite Battle Royale: advanced construction techniques

fortnite construction

One of the first advanced construction techniques is to make a triple structure, intercalating: wall, wall, floor, ramp. To do this, you have to start the construction mode and alternate between staring in a normal way and looking a bit above while ascending. In this way, you will build and gain height quickly. It is a technique that requires a lot of practice, as well as resources, but it may be worth it.

Another advanced building technique while you are in a fight, especially one against one, is to start by covering yourself to avoid receiving any shot. Then, you have to try to be two floors above your enemy, with a couple of ramps to go up and down.

As you know, to gain height is to have an advantage during a firefight. If your enemy has been covered, take advantage of the structure, break one of the ramps you have built and place a wall. Then, edit it one more time and leave just one triangle to the left to catch him off guard and surprise him by attacking. The fact that the triangle is on the left will allow you to take advantage of the crosshairs.

Of course, you can also take advantage of the construction to fight, instead of starting shooting. If you do, build ramps first towards the enemy’s direction, which will give you the advantage of building faster. In this case, if necessary, give some ground, but never lose sight of it while you put the structure. If you are above him, you can fall fearlessly to attack him because he will not know what your location is. If you do not finish with it, take advantage of the ramps, and go back up to try again.

In the case your objective flees, go after it, building above its height and following its sound. Do not stop chasing him until you finish him. If you are below him, take a ramp, jump to where you are and quickly build a wall to block his field of vision and a ramp to keep climbing while he is trapped. Then, attack him.

Now you know some advanced construction techniques at Fortnite Battle Royale. Put them into practice and become the best Fornite player.

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