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Fortnite has crashed: problems and solutions

If the Battle Royale games are the unanimous trend in the videogame industry, there is no doubt that ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale is the king. Or, at least, the one that sets the pattern to follow.  The game of Epic challenges us to be the last ones standing in the ultimate survival test: 100 players facing death on an island with the intention of being the last to stand.

However, sometimes Fornite may crashed suddenly or present some problems. These issues are related to maintenance or the Internet connection. Before calling the customer, service or sending emails to the developers, take into consideration the following advises.

Connection with the server: this is usually the most repeated problem with the typical Login Error. “The Fortnite maintenance is being performed. Try again later.” It means that Epic Games is carrying out maintenance tasks for a period of time the user will not be able to access the game. As the message indicates, we only have to wait. This maintenance is usually announced on social networks and these are also indicated when they end so a good advice is to follow the social networks of the game.

Login: you have to make sure that the information entered to log in is correct.

Too much waiting time to enter the game: sometimes the servers are too saturated although it is not frequent. In this case, you just have to wait and try again after a while. However, it is possible that the Internet connection is the one that is saturated because it is downloading many files, or it is sharing connection with other users who are monopolizing the bandwidth. The solution may be to close other programs that consume connection or contract more speed with the Internet provider on duty. Also, you can check if your Internet connection is working fine. Check the router and try to load some websites in your computer.

Problems with the connection: perhaps the operator has the line fallen or the equipment does not receive the signal well. It will be necessary to carry out the pertinent verifications to know if the problem comes from the user or from Fortnite. Do a basic troubleshooting-connection  checking just in case.

Crash of the game: sometimes it happens that the game fails and suddenly an abrupt cut occurs. In this case, it would have to be executed again and if it did not work, you will have to restart the system. It is probable that there is a possibility that the game needs to be reinstalled or updated (in case you are playing it in any mobile OS.

However, if the problems continue even when you have tried everything to fix the game, the best you can do is try to contact the customer service in order to get a fast solution. Again, be aware of the social networks. Fornite has very active profiles in which they announce changes, problems, updates  and everything related to the game performance.

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