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Fortnite has many players but little competition, why?

For everyone, Fortnite has been one of the best games ever; so many people around the world are playing this game. The options are unlimited but it looks that it wasn’t so played as other games in the web, the number of competitions are very low although the number of player is around 40 million players.

The Batte Royale has gained strength, with PlayerUnknown’s Bttlegrounds and Fortnite as the main titles within the genre. While the struggle for survival in Erangel has come to the big events with PUBG Invitational, which will be played this weekend in Katowice a new edition with $ 50,000 prize, the delivery of Epic Games is not having the same reception in other web pages. Are there Fortnite tournaments?

Many content creators, both on YouTube and on Twitch, are making Fortnite at the top of the audience and viewers, making clear the public’s interest in the game. In the competitive could have it as simple as PUBG, since it has game modes alone, in pairs or squad, the way that prevails in the competitive.

What is the position of Epic Games?

However, we have not yet seen anything official, beyond some Invitational that has been made with famous streamers and YouTubers, the game has not finished having an official support from the developer. We can attribute this position to the fact of having been in beta until recently, but with its official release and availability on both PC and consoles, Fortnite can have all of them to be a reference eSport.


Being available on PS4, something that does not happen with PUBG, could find in consoles players the competitive public potential, leaving its great rival to reign in PC and Xbox One. In addition, the rumors that point to a version for Nintendo Switch They make it even more “exclusive”, an advantage that they could take advantage of from.

However, all this is just conjecture, because it is Epic Games that has to take the first step. Their intentions are not entirely clear, it is true that there is interest on the part of the company. In addition, with a catalog that includes Gears of Wr or Unreal Tournament and the soon-forgotten Paragon, Fortnite could be the way to remove the last of the shoe in case you want to bet on the web pages that layed the game.

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