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Fortnite Season 6: how to complete all the weekly challenges

If you are a Fortnite lover and want to complete all the challenges, with this guide you will discover how to do it. This will help you quickly level up your battle pass to unlock all the cosmetic items of this new season.

With the start of Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale, another 10 weeks will be added, which will add new challenges, from the classic eliminations with one type of weapon to casualties in one point of the map to other more original tasks. You have to bear in mind that week by week you must update yourself so that you have all the necessary information to grow in the game.

All the challenges of Season 6 of Fortnite BR: complete the weekly challenges

The first question that you surely ask yourself is: What are the weekly challenges?

As happened with season 5, the challenges that we indicate a little below come to collect the different types of “generic” challenge that usually appear every week. As in season 5, we will encounter challenges that are part of the free battle pass, while others are part of the payment pass:

Eliminations with one type of weapon (ends with a certain number of opponents using shotguns, assault rifles)

End a number of rivals in a map area

Treasure map (requires finding a map, which hides stars for the battle pass elsewhere on the stage).

Open chests in different locations (just explore the area to find them, and you do not have to open them all in the same game). We have specific guides to find the chests.

Challenges in stages

This part was one of the novelties that were introduced in the second half of season 5, and that invites us to, for example, find a chest in 5 different places, or eliminate an enemy in 5 different places.

Original challenges

With unique tasks such as dancing at one point, picking up objects, jumping through burning rings. These are usually the most original of the season.

The substitute for the road trip / blockbuster challenges (they require having completed all the challenges of the week).

Challenges of Week 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale

This week there are challenges for all tastes, with and without vehicles, mini-games, among others. As you can get a score of 10 or more in different positions of carnival clowns, inflicting damage to structures of opponents with dynamite, get 30 s of time in the air with a vehicle or inflicting damage to players with limpets, stink bombs or grenades and of course, the Hunting Game of the week.

For the first, get a score of 10 or more in different positions of carnival clowns, you must first locate the posts (thanks to the map you will find here below), then immediately after activating the post, click on the balloons that are inflating , before they explode. The recommended weapon is the peak, both because it makes no noise, and because of the ease of aiming near the position.

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