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How to download Fortnite

One of the questions that we and all the users were sure to ask was how to adapt the Battle Royale mode to mobile phones? Well, it should be said that after several hours of play Epic Games has surpassed notably the passage from one system to another, managing to transfer the fun of the game and its playable mechanics to these devices. Now, everything that made this game interesting move to your phone since you can also play Fortnite without an invitation code on iOS and Android.

What is that gaming experience?

Well, for those who have not yet tried the game, or just have not heard of it (something quite unlikely considering its success), we offer a brief summary so you can learn how to start playing Fortnite on your mobile phone , and what the game is about.

This title bases its style of game in the famous way “Battle Royale” that so fashionable is lately, and that put fashionable PUBG (Playerunknown Battleground), another proper name of the industry that has been a success, and of which Fortnite drink directly in terms of playable mechanics, since the premise is the same: It is about a hundred people who appear in a transport from which they can jump and land on a wide map with all kinds of very characteristic locations: from cities with all kinds of Buildings up to slightly smaller buildings at strategic points on the map.

The idea is to be the last survivor, which will not be an easy task, keeping in mind that you will have to face the rest of the players (either alone or in teams) while you move around the map fleeing the storm and in search of a safe area.

If you are one of those who have already completed the questionnaire through the official website with their data and have not yet gotten their invitation to start playing Fortnite on the iPhone, do not worry: since we provide you with an alternative way to You can access the app’s client and play on the official servers with the rest of your friends, in a totally legal and functional way.


You can make the purchases and transactions that you deem convenient and your progress will also be saved in your shared account, this is just a possibility to download Fortnite for iPhone and iPad without having to wait for permission from Epic Games.

Download Fortnite for iOS

You can download an identical version of the mobile game thanks to the good work of Tencent Games, the creators of this mixture of crazy and fun styles. Which have put all the meat on the spit to be as faithful as possible when it comes to moving the playable experience of Fortnite to mobile devices.


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