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How to get free V-Bucks coins in Fortnite

Fortnite currency allows you to unlock new contents in the game; although generally you must buy them with real money, there are several methods with which you can obtain free V-Bucks in Fornite.

With the Fortnite fever, there are many players who have decided to take a step beyond their participation in the acclaimed title. Although in every game of Battle Royale all the survivors start with the same conditions, there are some purely decorative objects that help to carve an image within the battles. To obtain them you will need to buy them through V-Bucks, the currency used in Fortnite, which in turn, you will buy with real money. However, there are also some ways to get free V-Bucks within the game itself.

Of course, you can only win free V-Bucks if you have access to the Save the World game mode, which is available only with payment access (from €39.99 /$46) for PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac. Yes, you will not have the V-Bucks for free, although you can always opt to wait for this modality to be released for free throughout 2018.

Getting free V-Bucks in Saving the World mode

How to get free V-Bucks coins in Fortnite

Entering Daily in Saving the World mode

Every day, when you log in to Save the World mode, you get some reward. Sometimes it is usually some decorative object as we mentioned before, but from time to time they also give you V-Bucks. For example, on the 11th day he will give you a handful of these precious coins.

Then, it will take a few more days to get another amount of coins back. At least they are free.

Take advantage of events

This type of games usually have temporary events, which, if performed within the active period, give you a series of rewards, including V-Bucks.

You will find the list of events just below the Missions section. There you will see what you must do during the game to complete the event.

Complete daily quests

Another source of income can be daily missions. Much like the daily log-in, in these missions you can get Fortnite coins (or other rewards) every day.

These missions usually consist of defeating  X number of enemies using a specific weapon or character, for example. You will know the daily missions that you have pending when you access the “missions” section within the main menu of Save the World mode.

Make Storm Shield missions

In different areas of Save the World mode (which are unlocked as we advance in the game) we can find the Storm Shield missions, which after completing successfully, reward us with 100 free V-Bucks.

In each zone, 6 Storm Shield missions await us, with as many unlockable missions that are added as developers release updates.

The Fortnite V-Bucks is the internal currency of the game, but it is acquired with real money. It is a micropayment system with which Epic Games finances the development and maintenance of Fortnite, both in terms of software and in relation to game servers. With this money the users can buy different cosmetic elements to customize their character.

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