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Where is the stone pig in Fortnite season 8

Fortnite is a light-hearted action, shooting and survival game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS and Android devices, in charge of Epic Games with cartoon aesthetics, where the construction of our shelter and the manufacture of elements will be vital for stay alive in Save the World mode. In contrast, in Battle Royale mode we must survive in combats for up to 100 players while we collect resources and weapons and build our own defenses.

Epic Games has left many rumors to be confirmed as the new setting and the new aspect of the map that may be known in the coming days. In addition, an important novelty is that the battle pass of the new season can be obtained for free if 13 of the 20 Extra Time challenges are overcome before the end of the month premiere.

The creators of the game have created an uncertainty among their players in order to know if the rumors are true and questions that are being made on the networks. Meanwhile, fans of this competitive game can try to overcome the challenges to start the new season with a good start.

And where is the Stone Pig, the big question mark

Within the game, the location of the pig has being a big uncertainty so people really want to know what is the exact location of the pig.. Knowing where the stone pig is in Fortnite season 8 will be essential to solve one of the challenges of week 6 season 8 of Fortnite, in which we also have to visit a wooden rabbit and a metal flame to get stars and so on raise the level of the battle pass.

These are three large buildings that recreate the aforementioned animals with different materials, as is the case with this Fortnite stone pig.

Where is the stone pig in Fortnite season 8: location?

In this challenge of Week 6 season 8 of Fortnite we must visit a wooden rabbit, a stone pig, and a metal flame. This is where the challenge comes from, to truly know where each one of the animals is. If you already know, for you this is not a problem, on the contrary it will be a fairly simple challenge. The real difficulty is in getting each of the animals.

So, if you want to know the location of the stone pig in Fortnite, just keep an eye on our map and you will find that it is east of Lucky Landing, again on a small hill just outside the area.

The truth is that the stone pig in Fortnite is not lost if you know where it is. Like the wooden rabbit, you can see it even from the sky, as you fall off the battle bus and approach the area. In this case it is reddish in color, in case it serves as a reference … although as we say, it is a rather long and tall structure, and it can be seen from afar.

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